Kitchen cabinets on old brick wall

Solid wood kitchen furniture

UAB ALBRUVA established in 1998. Our staff is the main core who gained the reputation for the company of a reliable business partner in Lithuania and foreign markets. We are valued for our special attention to the quality of the production. We execute customer requirements flawlessly providing the particular importance on obligations.

In manufacture processes our specially trained and qualified staff use German woodworking equipment to provide the highest quality for every single production item. The specificity has not changed since its inception and we are proud of customer recognition for the top quality instalation service while cooperating with other interior development companies. Receiving only good feedback from our partners and customers is our main aim and what satisfies us the most.

The precise technology used by our master craftsmen allows to perform the most complex natural solid wood machining processes. Among the the interior and exterior decoration projects implemented – private residential homes, rural homesteads, recreation and spa centers, restaurants and cafes.

Clients request custom individual projects to produce Lithuanian rural antique style furniture made of oak, ash and solid wood. Wooden crafts are often installed in the original and unique hand made forgings.

Furniture made by UAB ALBRUVA craftsmen retains the natural beauty and form of the wood. We believe to render the authentic majority of the wood to keep your environment warm and naturally beautiful.