Sideboards and hutches

Classic natural wood sideboard, furniture manufacturer ALBRUVA, Lithuania

Classic natural wood sideboard

Classic sideboards at our houses nowadays can be replaced with modern furniture pieces. But do we really need that?

It’s not for nothing that hutches are manufactured for many decades or even centuries to serve at farmhouses as well as luxurious nobility accommodation. Why? We dare to say that there is nothing better invented yet. At least in Europe.

In many cases sideboards takes appropriate place in home interior and serves as sort of main furniture piece (if we even can divide the furniture pieces into main and secondary). Variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors suggested by ALBRUVA designers is quite big for even most fussy customers. Of course in home interior the most desired are natural tones, sizes vary not too much.

We manufacture the flat range of custom designed sideboards which could pretend to the role of the main accent at your house.

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