Natural wood table

Table for the living room

Table is table: the four legs and worktop… Much more about the manufacturing and each of the custom table’s specifications could tell our masters who have done hundreds of the different ones.

And not for nothing because wooden ALBRUVA tables are made using natural oak, ash and appreciable by the home owners as well as cafes, restaurants, other business owners and their customers.

Tables for dinning room may vary by its shape, height, materials used for manufacture, finish and worktop. Also such a table must match other kitchen or dining room furniture pieces where at least height of the chairs must match the table’s height.

ALBRUVA manufactures tables and desks for solid businesses where the staff must feel comfortable at their workplace. There should be enough space not only for computer, paper bu as well at least for a cup of coffee. In all business furniture manufacture cases we find common solution between designer, manufacturer and of course the last word is always yours.

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