Modern wooden stairs

Modern wooden stairs

Stairs are relevant element in every house usually connecting not only the different floors but also the spaces on the same storey. Stairs are important as the part of interior that together could be the home design element and substantive accent of the interior.

First important thing is to evaluate the technical parameters and safety criteria considering the space of where they will be exploited. However the visual look is also important and how the stairs and the finish will match the common home interior style and surroundings.

Second significant things are the size and shape of stairs, also how much of the space could be dedicated. Sizeable spaces allows to implement easily various ideas. Contrarily when the space is small and especially after the reconstruction there might be a brain teaser how to solve this point.

Implementing minimalistic style interiors in common surrounding context designers are seeking the solution which would not highlight the stairs too much. Stair elements should match the common style and usually are close to the color, tones and materials of the other indoor decoration elements.

The most popular modern interior stairs nowadays are refined and contemporary design, style and technological solutions. Usually the shapes of such projects are laconic, but at the same time neat, various and unexpected. The materials could be combined using metal, glass, ceramic tiles, tin, steel or other.

ALBRUVA offers to manufacture and assemble the stairs made of ash, beech, larch, fir, pine wood.

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