Outdoor furniture

Natural wood outdoor furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture

The modern life pulse pushes society to rest surrounded by nature: at recreational places, village farmsteads, out-of-town villas and so on. Backyard swing at our own house allows to spend some time with the loved ones, family and children by giving them fulfill attention.

ALBRUVA manufactures long lasting and durable furniture using oak, ash wood materials. Outside conditions such as damp, sunlight, vacillation of temperature may impact the furniture. That is why manufacturing the outdoor furniture we give special attention for wood preparation by letting it to dry up properly in special storage room over the specific time period, then impregnating it and also if needed — varnishing and covering by paint.

By your request we may manufacture and assemble exceptional design and high quality outdoor furniture using your sketches or schemes. ALBRUVA production for outdoor: tables, benches, seats. Also on special request we may produce swings, comfortable bunks, hammocks for leisure at the yard or village farm during the sunny days. To cover from the rain there might be manufactured arbors and wooden umbrellas.

The wood used might be oak, ash, pine or birch. We manufacture exceptional outdoor furniture by custom order.

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